Company History
1971 On February 1st, separated from Toyoda Machine Works and became Houko Corporation, a company specializing in grinder overhauls.
1974 First plant expansion (No. 1 Plant)
1975 Began repair equipment and tooling modifications
1976 Began manufacturing electronic components Began dealing with products for factory automation
Second plant expansion (No. 1 Plant)
1978 Began manufacturing production line repair machines and cam grinders
1980 Built No. 2 plant (Mechatronics plant)
1981 Third plant expansion (No. 1 Plant)
1983 Began production of automotive components (coils for PS)
1986 Began assembling the LG line (Oct.. 14 – Ceremonial opening of 1st production line machine)
1989 Increased capital to 100 million yen
1990 Began manufacturing large components in-house Expansion to accommodate gantry-type 5-face machines, machines with stackers, etc.
Awarded the Toyoda Machine Works Quality Control Prize
No. 2 plant expansion
1991 Changed company name to Houko Corporation
1992 Enhanced overhaul functions and completed the renewed LG grinder
1995 Began production of AT coils
Complete handover of LG grinders
1996 Installed air conditioning in all plants
1997 Zero workplace accidents Received the Progress Award from the Aichi Labor Bureau
1998 Produced 10,000 LG grinders
Installed an automated coil production line
2001 Acquired ISO14001
2003 Completed painting booths in No. 1 plant as an environmental response
Zero workplace accidents Received the Award of Excellence from the Aichi Labor Bureau
2005 Established a new office
Produced 50 million automotive components
2006 Acquired ISO9001
2007 Built the HOUKO Showroom
2008 Announced the G32 minor change machine at an exhibition
2010 Announced the CNC dual-head internal grinder at an exhibition
2011 40th anniversary
2012 Built No.5 plant
2013 Announced the GL4 Premium grinder at an exhibition